Married: Jennifer & Ronnie

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Engaged: Kate & Mitch

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Married: Natalie & Zack (Powel Crosley Estate Wedding)

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Banyan at One Year

Ahhhhhh, my dear little Banyan, my best friend’s baby & my baby’s best friend!

He’s got the greatest dance moves, eyes you can’t look away from & a smile that makes everyone around him smile!

If you can’t get enough of this handsome little guy, check out his newborn photos here.

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Married: Megan & James

Megan & James were married at the historic Sarasota Courthouse on chilly (for Florida!) January day.  After a private ceremony, I met up with them for photos.   This was my first time taking photos of a courthouse wedding and I LOVED it, definitely an awesome way to spend a Wednesday afternoon! The sweet and simple way they chose to wed was relaxing and intimate, and the sole focus of this day for Megan and James was, undeniably, each other.

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